Invitations & Registration

Conference Invitations

11 September 2019 | 18:11

Participation in the International Conference on Sustainable Ocean Economy and Climate Change Adaptation is by invitation from the Conference organizers. The Conference expects participation of more than 400 international and domestic delegates, representatives from international organizations and international finance institutions, experts, practitioners and representatives from NGOs and CSOs. 

Expected participants include:

  • Government leaders and decision-makers from Small Island Developing States (SIDS), members of the Vulnerable Country Forum (VCF), ASEAN member States, and some developed countries
  • Experts, practitioners and representatives from local communities and women’s organizations, NGOs and CSOs from developing and developed countries
  • Representatives and experts from international organizations and institutions
  • Representatives from International Finance Institutions (IFIs)
  • Experts from international and national research institutions, thinktanks and global centres of excellence
  • Media